Surgery was delayed again and again for "personal reasons": Doctors removed a 34-kilo giant tumor

Doctors remove 34-pound tumor from a woman's abdomen

In Costa Rica, doctors removed a 34-kilogram tumor from a woman's stomach. The 57-year-old patient had postponed the operation for "personal reasons" for years. Now she feels like "born again".

Gigantic tumor pressed against the bowels and organs

A woman in Costa Rica had a 34-kilo tumor removed from her stomach in a life-saving operation. As the British newspaper "Daily Mail" reports, the 57-year-old patient Sonia Lopez had postponed the procedure for "personal reasons" for eight years. Now, however, she had to undergo the operation, since the tumor already took up 80 percent of her stomach and pressed on her intestines, the liver and the diaphragm.

The patient decided against surgery for "personal reasons"

According to the information, Ms. Lopez had been warned about eight years ago that the tumor growing near her ovaries could trigger a heart attack if she had pressure on her organs.

But she decided against an operation for unspecified "personal reasons".

Now that she had breathing problems, she went to Hospital Mexico near San Jose.

Due to the extreme weight of the patient, X-ray and computed tomography images would not have given any information about her condition. The doctors advised the operation.

According to the newspaper report, five surgeons removed the 34-kilo tumor, which was around 1.6 meters in circumference.

The patient is said to be recovering well and is now waiting for results to show whether the tumor was cancerous.

90-kilo tumor removed

"How I felt before and how I feel now is like a journey from the sun to earth. I feel like I'm born again, ”said Lopez.

One of the surgeons involved, Pablo Sibaja, said: "We see three or four huge tumors every year, but never something that big."

"This tumor grew so disorderly and quickly in such a short time that we had to act quickly," explained the doctor.

According to Sibaja, such giant tumors are much more common in women than in men.

"It doesn't happen to a man. No tumor would grow so big because its body is unable to develop it, ”said the surgeon.

But the medical doctor from Costa Rica is not quite right.

Because one of the world's largest surgically removed tumors was removed in early 2012 by an international team of doctors in a 13-hour operation on a man from Vietnam. The tumor weighed 90 kilograms. (ad)

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