Key date: Changing the private health insurance can be worth it: Sharp increases in health insurance premiums

Key date: Changing the private health insurance can be worth it: Sharp increases in health insurance premiums

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Private health insurance premiums can rise by over 50 percent

In the period before the turn of the year, many privately insured mail receive mail from their health insurance company, in which an increase in the premium is announced. For some people, according to a newspaper report, the contributions increase by over 50 percent. It may be worth changing the tariff.

Satisfaction with the current health system

In recent years it has been rumored that private health insurance (PKV) could be an end of life. SPD politicians are also increasingly campaigning for the abolition of private health insurance and the introduction of citizens' insurance. However, the Association of Private Health Insurance believes that citizens are satisfied with the current health system. It is questionable whether this also applies to people who are informed about a hefty premium increase at the turn of the year.

Juicy premium increases

"The German health care system is in excellent shape and is socially just," said the chairman of the PKV association, Uwe Laue, to voices from the SPD that want to abolish private health insurance as a condition for a large coalition.

“We are the envy of our health system in the world. The Germans are more satisfied with it today than they have been in decades, ”said Laue.

However, approval is likely to be weakened somewhat if a letter with a hefty premium increase flaps into the house again before the turn of the year.

Surcharge of over 50 percent

Many privately insured are currently receiving unpleasant mail from their insurance company announcing increases in premiums.

With individual tariffs from Axa and Allianz, the increases are particularly high this time, as an evaluation of the service provider Minerva shows customer rights for the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ).

The newspaper reports on a pensioner who will have to pay 362 euros per month for her private health insurance at Axa instead of 229 euros per month in the past - a premium of 58 percent.

Explanations for jumps in contributions do not change

Minerva's managing director, Nicola Ferrarese, estimates that an average of about a third of privately fully insured customers receive an annual premium. However, there are not large increases for all tariffs.

"Some remain cheaper, others become more expensive without the reasons being sufficiently explained to the customer," the expert told SZ.

According to the report, providers continue to justify the jumps in premiums because medical progress, rising healthcare costs and low interest rates make it increasingly difficult for the insured to invest billions in old-age provisions.

For example, a quote from a letter from Allianz quotes: “Medicine today offers healing and treatment opportunities that a few years ago still seemed like the future. In this way, many chronically ill people can live better through advanced medication. "

In addition, “many diseases can be recognized earlier” today, which leads to “higher expenses”.

A year ago there was an increase of ten percent

At the turn of 2016/2017, premiums had increased by an average of a good ten percent.

The PKV association does not yet have any representative figures for 2018, but according to an analysis by the PKV's Scientific Institute, the contributions of fully insured persons rose by an average of 3.05 percent from 2008 to extrapolated 2018 in the PKV.

According to the SZ report, they even increased by 3.28 percent in statutory health insurance.

Changing tariffs can be worthwhile

If privately insured people's premiums have become too high, they don't simply have to put up with it. Waiting for citizens' insurance doesn't make much sense. Few currently believe that this will come someday.

Consumer advocates are advised to check their own tariff and to check whether the same insurer does not have a tariff with lower premiums and even better or equally good benefits.

"It is quite possible to save several hundred euros a month," said Ferrarese, according to the SZ. The Munich-based company Minerva customer rights helps insured persons to switch to cheaper tariffs. On their website it says: "Often more than 3,000 euros can be saved per year and person." (Ad)

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