Is the Trump Administration censoring the U.S. Disease Agency?

Is the Trump Administration censoring the U.S. Disease Agency?

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Trump administration ban words from epidemic documents

According to a Washington Post report, the US government has presented the CDC with a list of seven prohibited words that certain documents may not use. In particular, these are documents that affect the budget for the coming year. The prohibition list includes the words "transgender", "vulnerable", "fetus", "diversity", "eligibility", "on a scientific basis" and "on the basis of evidence". Instead, the government suggested alternative wording. Instead of "on a scientific basis" or "on the basis of evidence", "The CDC bases its recommendations on science in consideration of public standards and wishes".

Incredulous reactions

The list of language censorship was handed over to senior officials by senior CDC officials last Thursday, according to the Washington Post. They reacted with bewilderment and disbelief. A longtime CDC analyst told the newspaper that he had never seen such a step back from ideological foundations before.

What are the tasks of the disease agency?

The CDC has over 12,000 employees and reports to the Ministry of Health. It has an annual budget of around six billion euros. Their diverse tasks include food and drinking water security, fighting heart and cancer diseases, and preventing epidemics and contagious diseases. The CDC is not only active in the USA, but operates worldwide.

Medical resistance

Dr. Sandro Galea from Boston University’s School of Public Health published an article arguing against censorship. According to Galea, health officials would lose accurate judgment on certain issues through the censorship. This includes the spread of AIDS. The persecution of the Zika virus, which occurs primarily in pregnant women, is also impossible without the word "fetus". Galea denounces the limitation of ways to fight diseases that particularly affect minorities. If the healthcare system cannot do its job, everyone will suffer, even if the word "vulnerable" is prohibited.

The gay community announces consequences

According to the Washington Post, human rights representative Chad Griffin also complained about the ignorant censorship. He is president of the Human Rights Campaign, one of the largest groups in America that works for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. In a Twitter message, he wrote: “Your ignorant attempts to wipe out the transgender community will have ramifications. We will face your hatred with more volume and visibility. “(Fp)

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