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The blood that circulates in the human body supplies organs and tissues with the necessary substances. Most people's bodies contain almost six liters of blood, the exact amount mainly depending on their body mass. Blood is the most important transport medium in our organism, which takes on the supply of oxygen and nutrients as well as the removal of metabolic products. In addition, the blood and especially the white blood cells (leukocytes) play a crucial role in immune defense. They help to eliminate pathogens and harmful endogenous cells. Blood formation is an ongoing process of renewal, which can be disrupted by various factors such as a massive iron deficiency or leukemia (blood cancer). An analysis of the blood picture can be used to identify numerous diseases, which makes the blood test one of the most important diagnostic tools in medicine. (fp)

Blood in the stool is a symptom that should be checked with a doctor. However, there is not always something bad to hide. For the reddish ...

Whether in jeans, carpet, upholstery or sofa: removing blood stains can work with home remedies, who hasn't done this yet? You pull yourself a little hurt ...

If the saliva mixes with blood or if we cough up bloody sputum, this can have various causes. Some are rather harmless: irritated mucous membranes ...

After bleeding, blood on the anus, visible on the toilet paper after defecation, spontaneously causes some concern. Especially when there is pain ...

Blood in the ear doesn't necessarily mean something bad. A small injury from scratching or too vigorous ear cleaning can definitely be the reason ...

Briefly roasted meat: Red liquid in the steak is not blood In the restaurant or at a barbecue with friends, you are often asked how to ...

Even if you suffer from a nut allergy, you may be able to eat certain nuts. Many people around the world suffer from a nut allergy ....

Blood produced in the laboratory could particularly help people with a rare blood group, for example, people need a blood donor after accidents ...

Increased sugar levels increase the risk of preeclampsia, macrosomy and shoulder dystocia. A higher sugar level in pregnant women can lead to undesirable ...

Blood sampling is not the same for everyone. While one hears sentences like "Oh, what beautiful veins. They almost jump towards me, ”others experience ...

Almost every adult can donate blood. That is why the blood donation service West calls from the German Red Cross ...

Fewer and fewer people donate blood Unfortunately, the Red Cross has to report again and again that too few people in Germany donate blood. In the future, it could ...

Canadian researchers convert skin cells into blood cells: skin becomes blood. Canadian researchers have converted adult skin cells into blood cells. Canadian ...

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