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Bacteria are present in an extreme diversity in our environment and also in our organism. This special, microscopic form of life has a far-reaching influence on us humans, whereby a distinction must be made between positive effects caused by “healthy” bacteria (such as intestinal flora) and negative effects caused by disease-causing bacteria. The transmission of bacteria is the cause of many infectious diseases, which in the past were often fatal. However, with the invention of antibiotics, most of these diseases were easy to treat and are now considered rather harmless. However, the bacteria in turn are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, which is why experts are warning of a renaissance of bacterial infectious diseases. (fp)

Spread of microbial communities with the Sahara dust The global spread of bacteria can also take place via dust particles in the air. A team i ...

Dangerous bacteria are on the rise worldwide Fear of so-called antibiotic-resistant bacteria is growing all over the world. Researchers found j ...

Bacteria contain substances that cure diseases. For example, probiotic bacteria help against inflammation of the intestine, and probiotic drugs open ...

Supper pathogen in cats can be transmitted to humans and cattle Is it possible that a resistant bacterial strain is transmitted from animals to humans? A ...

Bacteria processing nitrates appears to trigger migrainesMigraine neurological disease affects about ten percent of all people. Woman...

Researchers develop new method for identifying effective antimicrobial agents In recent years, hospitals have dramatically ...

Bacterial molecules protect cropsMolecules of different types of bacteria can decisively strengthen the immune defense of crops and also with high ...

Antibiotic-resistant pathogens are on the rise worldwide. Antibiotics are used in large quantities worldwide. It is therefore not surprising that imm ...

Microorganisms in house dust depending on the sex of the residents In a new study, researchers have investigated which bacteria and fungi in house dust ...

Study: Antibiotic resistance makes bacteria even more aggressive According to the current state of knowledge, experts assumed that bacteria that ...

The increase in antibiotic resistance is becoming an increasing threat to global health. If such drugs no longer work, you can ...

Researchers discover acne bacteria in vines22.02.2014Italian researchers discovered acne bacteria in the pulp of a vine. This find belongs to ...

Air conditioning systems have a lasting impact on indoor bacterial flora03.02.2014In indoor rooms and offices there are over 30,000 different ...

Researchers discover archaea on human skin10.12.2013Archaea thrive under the most adverse living conditions: at extreme temperatures, in hot springs ...

Measurements in the wastewater system show strong exposure to Legionella12.09.2013Another source with pathogens causing Legionella infection has been identified by the ...

Bacteria destroyed cancer tumors in study 24.04.2013 Pancreatic cancer can only be successfully treated in rare cases. All...

Dirty smartphones: cell phones provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria08.01.2013A life without a cell phone most people can’t imagine ...

Bacteria poison in French olive and tomato paste09.09.2011The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) in Berlin warn ...

Coli bacteria detected in Potsdam's drinking water 07/14/2011 The health authorities announced that in Potsdam drinking water dangerous coli ...

Serious bacterial infection after surgery: Public prosecutor files charges against doctor06.01.2011The public prosecutor has charged a doctor from Fulda ...

Bacteria detected in meat. The Federal Office warns of beef, lamb and game contaminated with bacteria. There is still a danger to health ...

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