Seven different types of cancer from alcohol

Seven different types of cancer from alcohol

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Which types of cancer have alcohol benefits?

Alcohol consumption is unhealthy and can lead to serious illnesses. Many people are aware that regular alcohol consumption can have serious health consequences. However, most people probably do not know that seven different types of cancer are favored by alcohol consumption.

In their current study, scientists from the American Society for Clinical Oncology found that alcohol consumption favors the development of seven types of cancer. The researchers published the results of their study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Alcohol consumption is common

Many people drink alcohol on different occasions. This can be, for example, the typical after-work beer, a glass of wine with your partner or a cocktail in a bar at the weekend. There is often only a limited awareness of risk here. In particular, the risk of cancer from regular alcohol consumption is often underestimated.

The more alcohol, the higher the risk of cancer

Of course, the amount and regularity of consumption play a crucial role. Nevertheless, so-called casual drinkers and alcoholics share certain health risks from drinking alcohol. Even small amounts of alcohol consumed can increase the likelihood of developing cancer. The more alcohol people consume, the higher the risk of developing cancer.

73 percent of Americans drink alcohol

In a 2013 survey, about 73 percent of all Americans reported drinking alcohol. At the time, almost 13 percent of the participants also stated that they regularly drink until they are intoxicated (colloquially also known as binge drinking or in English-speaking countries as binge drinking). The survey also showed that alcohol consumption skyrocketed between 2001 and 2002. Alcohol consumption in general had risen by around 11 percent. High-risk drinking had increased by 30 percent and there were 50 percent more people with a so-called drinking problem. The experts see the current results as a warning to all alcohol users, many of whom are not only in America.

People should generally drink less alcohol

According to the experts, five percent of cancer cases and deaths are probably due to alcohol consumption. And the observed trend is unfortunately increasing. The results of the study make it clear that the risk of developing cancer in seven different types could be reduced if the people affected cut back or even better stop drinking alcohol altogether, the scientists explain.

What types of cancer have been shown to benefit from alcohol consumption?

For some types of cancer, it has been shown that there is a strong link between alcohol consumption and the development of cancer. Even small and medium amounts of alcohol can lead to cancer. The cancers proven to benefit from alcohol included oral cancer, throat cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and colon cancer. There could also be a link between alcohol consumption and other types of cancer, but the current study has not provided any definitive evidence of this, the scientists report.

The goal is responsible and controlled handling of alcohol

Alcohol consumption is a health hazard. This is especially true if there is an increased risk of developing cancer due to genetic factors, previous illnesses, improper nutrition or smoking. Although there are quite a few people who drink too much alcohol, a general ban on alcohol would have no prospect of success, according to the researchers. Instead, more education is needed so that hopefully people will deal more responsibly with alcohol in the future, the ASCO experts say. Responsible and controlled handling of alcohol must be the goal.

Does alcohol only lead to cancer when mixed with other drinks?

Some older studies have already shown a link between alcohol and cancer. However, scientists believed that the alcohol consumed mixed with other beverage components could have led to cancer. However, it is now clear that alcohol consumed can lead to cancer independently of other substances.

Other types of cancer could benefit from alcohol consumption

According to the researchers, it is not only body parts that are directly affected by alcohol, such as mouth and throat, that are affected by the increased risk of cancer. For example, the human liver can develop cancer as a result of alcohol-induced cirrhosis. This suggests that there are other types of cancer that can result from consuming too much alcohol. (as)

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