Psoriasis: Over 2 million Germans suffer from psoriasis

Psoriasis: Over 2 million Germans suffer from psoriasis

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Chronic skin and joint disease Psoriasis: two million Germans fall ill

Around two million Germans suffer from psoriasis. Around 125 million people are affected worldwide. The non-contagious disease is incurable and does not only affect the skin. On October 29, World Psoriasis Day, the disease and treatment options should be brought to the attention.

Around two million Germans have psoriasis

Around two million people in Germany suffer from psoriasis. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 125 million people worldwide are affected, in all age groups. World Psoriasis Day on October 29 is intended to draw attention to the disease and treatment options.

Not just a skin disease

"Psoriasis is one of the chronic inflammatory diseases of the whole body and is not a skin disease alone, but a disease" with many faces and influencing factors, "" says a message from the Medical Faculty of the University Medical Center Magdeburg.

"The joints can also be affected," the experts continued.

In the beginning it is often only dry skin areas on which red spots later develop. These become thicker over time and stand out from the surface of the skin. Finally, they begin to shed silvery white.

Skin areas on the elbows, knees, behind the ears or on the navel are often affected first. Or also places in the buttock, which leads to uncomfortable after itching.

Finally, an itchy rash is felt on the whole body.

Increased risk of further illnesses

But psoriasis is more than a skin disease. According to health experts, around one in five patients also suffer from joint problems such as swelling in the toes, fingers, knees or spine.

Patients with severe psoriasis are also at higher risk of developing high blood pressure or diabetes, or of having a heart attack or stroke.

In addition, those affected also suffer from stigmatization and exclusion.

“Ignorance and prejudice about the disease are still widespread among the population. Many people still believe that psoriasis is contagious, ”writes the German Psoriasis Bund (DPB) in a current announcement on World Psoriasis Day 2017, which this year has the motto“ Confess skin ”.

According to the DPB, almost all sufferers have already experienced discrimination and degradation in everyday life: “They are stared at in horror and covered with derogatory remarks. They are refused to shake hands and you don't want to eat at a table with them, ”the experts explain.

Because of this experience, many people with psoriasis suffer from depressive disorders or other mental illnesses. There is an urgent need for action.

Treatment of psoriasis

Creams and ointments are often used to treat mild psoriasis. Light therapy is another treatment option. The patient is irradiated with short-wave UV-B light.

However, this method was only suitable for a temporary treatment of psoriasis. In addition, the patient must come to the doctor for every treatment.

In naturopathy there are other treatment options for psoriasis that cause little or no side effects.

In addition to bath therapies with sulfur-containing natural fango and volcanic water or salt from the Dead Sea, self-urine therapy is also worth mentioning here.

In addition, methods of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), homeopathy, nutritional therapies and acupuncture can help many sufferers.

Financial burden

According to the DPB, there is a significant imbalance in access to the therapies required to treat psoriasis in Germany.

"Whether people with psoriasis receive the necessary - guideline-compliant - therapies also depends heavily on their place of residence and on the doctors providing care," write the experts.

This also has to do with the fact that "the therapeutic options for treating psoriasis in line with the guidelines are obviously not yet known to all doctors".

The undersupply of people with psoriasis in Germany is "homemade".

In addition, those affected are financially burdened, since creams, ointments and shampoos, which are required for basic skin care, cause high costs and must be borne by the sick themselves. (ad)

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