Slept badly today? Your pet can help!

Slept badly today? Your pet can help!

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Cuddling in bed with dog and cat a health risk?

The alarm clock rings, the head roars, the eyes just don't want to open - have you slept badly again? Maybe the dog can help! The presence of pets in the bedroom can significantly change the owner's sleep. This was the result of an American study by the Center for Sleep Medcine at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

According to the study, 56 percent of pet owners allowed their pets to stay in the bedroom. The majority of the participants stated that the animals either do not disturb or even have a positive effect on sleep. Only 20 percent of the subjects perceived the presence of the animals as disturbing for sleep, the scientists report of their study results.

Living room yes - bedroom no?

In a previous TNS Infratest survey of dog and cat owners in Germany, over three quarters of the participants stated that their pets were allowed to lie on the sofa. In cats, the proportion was 84.8 percent. The hairy four-legged friends had a particularly good time with singles. Around 60 percent of animal buddies are allowed to go to bed at least occasionally.

Man's best friend in the bedroom too?

Many a pet owner maintains a very intimate relationship with his pet. Where other people turn their noses, there are no limits for real animal lovers, even at the bedroom door. The positive effects of an animal on humans should not be underestimated. An animal can have a calming effect and radiate security, security and love and thus serve as a positive basis for a quiet, firm and relaxing sleep.

This is unsanitary!

Many people find an animal in the bedroom unsanitary. But if there are no allergic or asthmatic diseases in the owner or owner, the pet can even have a positive impact on health, reports the magazine "GEO" in a contribution to the study results. For example, constant contact with dogs, cats, mice and birds strengthens the immune system and the calming radiance of pets reduces stress, which in turn can have a positive effect on heart health. But animals in bed also require special care for the animals. Dogs and cats can carry ticks, fleas, worms and other parasites to bed if the appropriate countermeasures are not taken. The bed linen should also be washed more often than usual.

When it comes to the dog

Dogs are pack animals and would like to be with their human companion for as long and as often as possible. In this respect, it is completely incomprehensible to the dog why there should be an end to the toilet door, sofa or bedroom.

Be careful with the ranking

Animal psychologist Gabriele Zuske warns in the article by "GEO" that dogs should be treated too loosely, because dominant four-legged friends can have problems with ranking if they always let their best friend sleep on the sofa or in bed. “In this case, it makes sense to give the dog its own place that can walk so that it can always be close to its human. If the dog occasionally goes to the floor with his four-legged friend, the dog lacks nothing and the bed and sofa will be free of annoying animal hair in the future, ”advises G. Zuske. (fp)

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