Healthy eating and regular exercise are extremely important, especially for young people

Healthy eating and regular exercise are extremely important, especially for young people

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Healthy eating and exercise are important for young consumers
According to a recent study, it is important for young people in Germany to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. However, desire and reality do not always match.

The fruit and vegetable consumption of the Germans
A study was recently published, according to which more and more Germans eat healthier and more often do without fat, sugar and meat. However, the trend apparently has little impact on fruit and vegetable consumption. Consumption is stagnating. In a study that looked at how well or badly Germans and other Europeans live, it was even shown that the fruit and vegetable consumption of Germans is extremely poor in international comparison. In principle, a healthy diet is very important to most of the country's residents, but the wishes and reality often do not always match.

Desire and reality do not always go together
"Consumers want to eat an increasingly balanced diet," said Christoph Minhoff, managing director of the Federal Association of the German Food Industry (BVE), summarizing the results of the new joint study with the GfK consumer research organization, the "Consumers' Choice" 17.

"Desire and reality don't really go together, every second person doesn't know what to do with the catchphrase 'healthy eating'. We have to close this gap with information, ”said Minhoff in a message.

The study, entitled “In Search of New Dietary Patterns. The combination of enjoyment, health and community in an accelerated world ”was presented on Friday on the occasion of the General Food and Beverage Exhibition (Anuga) in Cologne.

It examines which nutrition trends are permanently establishing themselves on the market and how food manufacturers react to these trends.

Healthy eating and exercise is important to young consumers
Every third person does sports regularly and buys at least one protein product per year. The positive connection between sport and nutrition for health is becoming increasingly solid in the consciousness of consumers.

Protein products are the growth segment of the year, the demand among young and fitness-oriented consumers is above average (almost one in two buy here).

The boys are also driving other trends such as gluten-free, zero or lactose-free. However, the ignorance of consumers about the topic of healthy eating is astonishingly high, 54 percent state that they do not know their way around.

Consumers want fresh products
A lot of nature and as fresh as possible, across all generations, these characteristics make food authentic for the consumer.

In the past ten years, the freshness orientation of German households has increased by 44 percent, meaning that today almost every second (46 percent) prefers groceries to canned foods.

Quality and sustainability
The quality and sustainability orientation of consumers is increasing. In addition to taste and understanding of values, nutritional behavior also determines the current food offer.

Trend-conscious consumers want to eat self-determined. Trends such as organic, gourmet or convenience have become established and continue to grow.

The highest growth rates today show the product trends protein (62.2 percent), soy (21.3 percent) and veggie (18.1 percent). The new product trends do not replace the old ones, but build on them.

Common to all trends is the focus on healthy eating. The open-mindedness of consumers knows limits, however, so extreme food trends such as paleo, vegan, insect food or in-vitro meat have practically no acceptance among consumers, the message says.

Little time to cook yourself
A fast-moving everyday life leaves many consumers little time to deal with nutrition, food or even cooking. In the past four years, the number of consumers who traditionally cook every day has decreased by a good six percent.

On the other hand, the number of consumers who eat or snack along the way and those who cook very occasionally but for high quality is increasing. These consumers are found primarily in the younger, trend-loving generations.

It is not surprising that these also drive the use of digital (cooking) convenience. Whether smart kitchen appliances, digital cooking apps or shopping aids, 23 percent of consumers are open-minded here. (ad)

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