Patient sacrificed herself for the life of her baby - but in vain

Patient sacrificed herself for the life of her baby - but in vain

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In the United States, a woman chose her own death to give birth to her child. The 37-year-old mother of five refused aggressive cancer therapy because it would have ended her pregnancy. Shortly after the child was born by Caesarean section, the woman died. The little girl died just 14 days after the birth.

Woman had been in a coma since July
The DeKlyen family from the US state of Michigan suffered two terrible blows of fate within a few days. First, multiple mother Carrie DeKlyen died on September 9, shortly after her sixth child was born. The woman had decided against chemotherapy during pregnancy so that her child could live, and was in a coma after a stroke in July. The child was saved, but there was a tragic end because the little girl died just two weeks after the birth.

Doctors discover glioblastoma in the brain
According to a Chicago Tribune report, the family's sad story began in March of this year when Carrie DeKlyen suddenly had a severe headache. During the examination, the doctors discovered a brain tumor that initially seemed treatable. Further tests at the University of Michigan University Hospital in Ann Arbor showed that it was a glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is the most common malignant brain tumor in adults and usually has a very poor prognosis. This also applies to the case of the 37-year-old, who, with a lot of luck, would have had to live five years from the perspective of the medical profession.

Decision for or against therapy
The tumor was surgically removed in April, but the cancer returned less than a month later. When the mother of five received the bad news, she also learned that she was eight weeks pregnant with her sixth child. The doctors had two options: they could try to extend Carrie's life through chemotherapy, but that would mean ending her pregnancy. Or they could save the baby, but the mother wouldn't live long enough to see her child. The patient decided against chemotherapy and for the life of the child.

Child was born by Caesarean section
In July Carrie DeKlyen suffered a stroke in the 19th week of pregnancy and has been in a coma in the hospital since then. At that time, however, the fetus was still too light to be born. A few weeks later, the child had put on a lot of weight, but there was no movement.

The father, Nick DeKlyen, decided that his wife should be caesarean, and little Life Lynn was finally born on September 6th in the 24th week of pregnancy. "Then I went to the surgeon and said my wife had enough, she had been through so much pain in the past five months," said Nick DeKlyen, the newspaper said.

Carrie DeKlyen died three days after birth, shortly after the doctors turned off the life support devices. "I was sitting with her all the time, holding her hand, kissing her and telling her that she did good," says Nick. "I told her 'I love you and will see you again in heaven.'"

Baby dies two weeks later
But Nick DeKlyen suffered another stroke of fate. The baby died just 14 days after her birth. The family announced the terrible news on Facebook: “With great sadness and a completely broken heart, I inform you that Life Lynn passed away last night. Carrie is now rocking her little girl in her arms. I have no explanation for why this happened, but I know that Jesus loves us and one day we will know why. The grief we feel is almost unbearable, please pray for our family, ”said the text of September 21st.

A crowdfunding page is now used to collect donations for Nick DeKlyen and his five children between the ages of two and 18. So far, more than $ 170,000 has been raised in this way. (No)

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