Real heartache: Take this chest pain seriously

Real heartache: Take this chest pain seriously

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Sudden onset of chest pain is a serious warning sign
In the case of sudden chest pain, most of those affected understandably are afraid and the complaints should be taken seriously in any case, emphasizes Professor Dr. Holger Thiele, Director of the University Clinic for Cardiology - HELIOS Endowed Professorship at the Heart Center Leipzig. Because serious illnesses can be the cause of the complaints, which immediately require medical care.

Sudden chest pain is often the first indication of serious heart diseases such as an acute heart attack or tears in the main artery (aortic dissection), reports the expert. They can also result from pulmonary embolism. "In order to prevent life-threatening complications, an immediate diagnosis and immediate initiation of treatment are required in these cases," emphasizes Professor Dr. Thiele.

Fast diagnosis can save lives
A quick and reliable diagnosis is also an advantage in the case of sudden chest pain with more harmless causes, since it can significantly help to soothe those affected. In the case of severe heart diseases, early diagnosis can also make the difference between life and death. A chest pain unit has been in operation at the Heart Center Leipzig for emergencies with sudden chest pain since 2007, in which those affected can be helped around the clock, seven days a week.

150 patients with chest pain per week
According to the cardiologist, "up to 150 patients come to the Chest Pain Unit every week and are looked after competently and intensively by a well-rehearsed team at all times of the day and night, regardless of the regular patient operation." the Chest Pain Unit offers more than eight monitoring stations with direct spatial proximity to the largest internistic / cardiological intensive care unit in Germany as well as a permanent connection to a laboratory and all possibilities of imaging diagnostics.

Excellent work according to the highest quality standards
The Chest Pain Unit was recertified as such only a few weeks ago. "Due to the special structure of the heart center, the close cooperation of all clinics and departments as well as the more than ten years of experience with the Chest Pain Unit, we have all the necessary prerequisites to be able to treat those affected in the best possible way," emphasizes Professor Thiele. Last but not least, the re-certification of the Chest Pain Unit by the German Society for Cardiology, which was carried out for the second time a few weeks ago, is proof of the "excellent work according to the highest quality standards", says Professor Thiele.

The life-saving work of the Chest Pain Unit should not only continue in the same quality, but also be continuously improved. "In the future, we will continue to optimize our treatment paths so that we can identify patients at high risk more quickly and treat them more individually," explains the Leipzig cardiologist. (fp)

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