Autologous blood therapy: Concentrated and cross-federal campaign against naturopaths

Autologous blood therapy: Concentrated and cross-federal campaign against naturopaths

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Authorities are taking massive action against naturopaths who offer autologous blood therapy
To the best of the knowledge of the Association of German Naturopaths (BDH), the competent authorities are currently taking massive measures against naturopaths to prohibit autologous blood therapy. This applies in particular to alternative practitioners in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Brandenburg.

Illegal action?
A legal opinion prepared on behalf of the BDH considers this procedure to be unlawful. Affected naturopaths should contact the BDH office immediately. The assessment is confirmed by an expert opinion commissioned by Prof. Dr. Andreas Spickhoff, Chair for Civil Law and Medical Law at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich.

Autologous blood therapies are often used for diseases such as allergies of any kind. "One to five milliliters of blood are taken from the patient's arm vein," explains Ulrich Sümper from the Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker (BDH). The blood is usually injected back into the buttocks. A hematoma forms there, which is absorbed by the organism. "Your own blood is considered foreign by the body and triggers an immune response," says the naturopath. This would stimulate the "body's own defense". Total therapy is approximately 12 individual sessions, each with two treatments per week.

Effectiveness controversial
The procedure is little more than a minimal intervention. With the small treatment, the therapist only takes a little blood to add it back to the circulation. Autologous blood therapy is offered by most naturopaths, but also by some resident doctors. In particular, autologous blood treatment for neurodermatitis and asthma is said to alleviate the symptoms. The therapy is based on experience. Larger clinical studies on this topic have hardly been carried out so far.

The health insurance companies use the so-called "hedgehog monitor" to rate autologous blood treatment as "tending to be negative". On the one hand, the health insurance companies justify the therapy as not scientifically proven, and on the other hand, negative effects could occur, for example in the case of coagulation disorders or the simultaneous use of the drug "Marcumar". The doctors had the therapy tested for tendon irritation. "Under no circumstances should autologous blood treatment cause blood clotting disorders, phlebitis and severe debilitating diseases, as well as when taking glucocorticoids, blood thinners and immunosuppressants." (sb)

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