Fatter makes you sleepier: obesity inhibits erections

Fatter makes you sleepier: obesity inhibits erections

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Does obesity make you impotent?
Myths and facts circulate about obesity. This is the thesis of the urologist Oliver Gralla.

No erection without blood
Hypertension, diabetes and disorders of the fat metabolism are typical consequences of hidden belly fat, the so-called ball belly. As a result, blood vessels clog over the long term and insufficient blood gets into the erectile tissue of the penis - the erection becomes softer.

Impaired erection: a warning
The erectile tissue of the penis are delicate. An erectile weakness as a result of insufficient blood supply is a signal for serious cardiovascular problems if the condition does not change.

Testosterone deficiency
Not only a lack of blood flow leads to a weak erection, but the belly fat changes the hormones; it lowers male testosterone. Hormones determine sexual arousal.

What Happens to Testosterone?
Adipose tissue converts male testosterone into female estrogen. Little testosterone in men not only harms the erection, but also promotes diabetes such as heart attacks and the loss of muscle mass.

Long-term process
Testosterone levels do not drop overnight, so sufferers often do not notice the problem. A Harvard study found that overweight people had a 90% higher risk of erection problems after 14 years than normal people.

Weight training helps
In addition to losing weight, weight training helps to break through the fat logic and to raise the testosterone level again. At the same time, strength athletes stop muscle loss. Regular visits to the muckibude increase testosterone production by around 30%.

Other causes of impotence?
Physical causes of erectile dysfunction are: hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol, diabetes, kidney failure or nervous diseases. Except for chronic nerve diseases, obesity is also a major trigger for these diseases.

Shrinking penis
The thicker a man is, the shorter the penis gets. Strictly speaking, the penis does not shrink, but is covered by the fat. So if you reduce the weight, the penis gets bigger, obese people lose ten kilos, which means a two centimeters longer penis.

When is a belly too fat?
A waist circumference at the level of the navel up to 94 centimeters is unproblematic. It is already too thick up to 102 centimeters, after which it becomes critical. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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