Shoulder pain, heel spurs and the like: radiation therapy does not only work for cancer

Radiotherapy is not only effective for cancer
When it comes to radiation therapy, almost everyone thinks of cancer right away. However, around a third of all diseases that are treated with radiation are benign. However, the doses for the treatment of complaints such as shoulder pain or arthrosis are significantly lower than for cancer therapy.

Radiation not only for cancer
When the word "radiation" is used, most people spontaneously think of cancer, which must be contained and treated in this way. But around a third of all diseases that are treated with radiation are benign. This resulted in a Germany-wide query in the radiation therapy centers, reports the University Hospital M√ľnster (UKM) in a message.

Treatment of inflammatory and degenerative diseases
"In any case, the term radiation therapy is initially associated with cancer," said Dr. Jan Kriz, Senior Consultant at the Radiotherapy Clinic - Radiation Oncology.

"What many do not know: We also treat many patients with benign diseases who respond well to low-dose radiation. The number of those who come to us with non-malignant diseases is growing steadily. "

Many inflammatory and degenerative diseases such as heel spur, tennis elbow, shoulder pain and osteoarthritis of the various joints can be treated in this way.

Lower radiation dose
The UKM reports on the patient Marion Wigger, who came to the clinic with a painful joint infection.

According to the experts, the heel spur had to be irradiated six times during their three-week treatment.

"But after that I was free of symptoms again immediately," said Wiggers. "Without painkillers or injections!"

Since the radiation dose is set far below the doses that have to be used for cancer therapy, according to the UKM there are hardly any side effects.

Irradiation also has a pain-inhibiting effect on individual complaints: shoulder pain and heel spurs respond particularly well to radiation therapy. (ad)

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